Custom home lighting is imperative to have a beautiful, cohesive home. Highlighting your décor in just the right way, fully customizing your home’s lighting system can change the energy of the whole space, as seen here by our partner Circa Lighting. No matter your style, why waste your precious time with dull lights that don’t capture your beautiful home properly? Bliss Lighting Co is revolutionizing the custom home lighting industry with our superior products. Not only do we offer endless customization options for your entire home, but we create lighting sculptures that fit in seamlessly with any layout. Or, choose those that hide away under your home’s exterior walls for a uniform look. We have all of your options available to fit your home.


Why is custom home lighting so important?


Not only does custom home lighting support your home’s desired look, but it can change the atmosphere as well. Thanks to our incredible partners such as Modern Forms, we make the process seamless. Take your favorite room in your house, and think what you like most about it. Is it the natural light? The textiles and decor? Now, imagine what that space could look like with science-backed, exceptional, perfectly toned lights. Colors will be bolder, tones will be richer, and your dream home could be even dreamier. All of those beautiful decorations, paintings, and houseplants that you hand selected will pop with vibrancy, no matter the time of day. Throughout the sun’s natural cycle, you don’t have to sacrifice the perfect light with Bliss Lighting Co.


Set it and forget it


The perks of custom home lighting speak for themselves. With Bliss, you’ll have the added bonus of the latest smart home technology. With lighting systems that can be programmed to your liking, the sky is the limit. One of the amazing aspects of technology is the ability for remote control. Imagine controlling the lighting throughout your entire home from anywhere in the world! Another unique point that is sure to make your life easier is the full automation options that Bliss offers. “Set it and forget it” can make everything from your morning routine to overnight security a breeze. Using your specific routine and preferences, your home can seemingly come to life and you won’t have to think twice. We love to have our partner Cloud 9 help us with this, as they’re some of the top smart home experts!


With all of these benefits of custom home lighting as it pertains to your home’s style, what’s not to love? Reach out to Bliss Lighting Co. today to learn how we make your dreams a reality.