4 Reasons Your Home Should Have a Lighting Control System

Lighting Control Has Never Been Easier With the rising popularity of products like smart bulbs, it’s easier than ever to integrate your home’s lighting.  If you’re on the fence about upgrading your lighting, here are four reasons to consider a smart home lighting control system.     Save on Energy Knowing exactly where and when lighting […]

Luxury Lighting at Home: Crafting Your Living Space

Luxury Lighting at Home Lighting doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to feel luxurious.  Understanding luxury lighting principles can help you elevate your space regardless of budget.     Functional Space The first step in curating a luxurious feeling space is to ascertain your intentions for it.  Will this nook hold your favorite […]

Interior Summer Lighting 101

With the advent of summer come the year’s longest days and warmest weather. Curating your home’s interior lighting to function well in every season takes time, consideration, and careful planning. Here are three ideas to spark creativity when considering interior lighting choices this summer. Consider Your Goals Will this summer be bright and busy with […]

3 Reasons Why Spring Outdoor Lighting is a Must!

Spring is Here! With the first day of spring just passed, it’s time to throw open the drapes and let the sunlight in!  With the weather warming and the winter thaw giving new life in spring, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your outdoor lighting than right now with Bliss.     Spending Time […]

Your Home This Spring With Bliss Lighting!

Spring is a time of warmth, renewal, and energy.  Lighting your home to reflect the newly thawed light of spring is an excellent way to usher in the new season and ensure your home is thoughtfully and intentionally put together.     More and more we see a rise in homeowners feeling the desire to add […]

Lighting Your Stairwell!

Your stairwell is, without a doubt, one of the most important pieces to get right in your space.  Regardless if it’s at home, in an office, or elsewhere, the stairwell can be a remarkable centerpiece to your space.  Lighting your stairwell is also a very important design decision.  Finding the right look and function to […]

Light Up Your Home with Bliss Lighting This Winter

Lights are a crucial, yet often overlooked element in a space.  Here at Bliss Lighting, we specialize in pairing you with lighting fixtures that will not only elevate your space, but also illuminate it in a way that makes you feel at home.  This holiday season, we at Bliss lighting want to highlight a couple […]

Where YOU Can See the BEST Holiday Lights in Colorado.

Looking for a chance to get out of the house this holiday season?  Going on a drive to see the best and brightest holiday lights in Colorado should be on your list!  Listed below are the top five must-see spots for the state’s festive lights and fun. Royal Gorge Bridge For a limited time this […]

The Effects of Lighting Design in Your Home’s Interior

The Effects of Lighting Design in Your Home’s Interior One’s home is one’s castle, and your lighting system should make you feel right at home. When it comes to designing your indoor space, there are few things as vital as lighting system installation. From making a room’s aesthetic cohesive and pleasant, to engineering the best […]

Indoor Lighting And Your Home’s Selling Value

Indoor lighting and your home’s selling value are hugely important factors to consider when getting your home seller-ready. Lighting is one of the staples of a beautiful home. Not only does the lighting in your home affect your home’s décor, but did you know custom home lighting can affect your home’s selling power? The housing […]