Bliss Lighting Co. is determined to provide a complete, well-rounded experience. More than just a lighting company, we work with some of the best builders, designers, and architects in the world. The ease of use our products offer your clients will highlight just how wonderful you and your partnership with us is. Above all, we offer a life-changing custom home lighting experience that your clients will never forget. In order to improve your client’s way of life, we utilize endless custom options. One of them we’d like to touch on today is Circadian Rhythm.

Circadian Rhythm: What Is It?

Circadian Rhythm refers to the natural life cycle of the sun. In the morning, the sunrise wakes us with warm, bright tones. In the evening, the sun sets with cool, calming tones. Thanks to modern technology, it is possible for your clients to have the luxury of natural lighting built into their home. Bliss makes it easier than ever before to customize modern smart homes according to you and your client’s vision. If this includes Circadian Rhythm, you’re in luck. We’d love to share how we utilize this beautiful technology to upgrade clients’ homes. 

Circadian Rhythm Lighting Benefits

Benefits of having this natural, instinctual lighting throughout one’s home are many. From better sleep to having more energy in the morning hours, there are numerous ways that Circadian Rhythm custom lighting can make your clients’ life more luxurious. More than being a modern comfort, this type of natural light can improve the atmosphere of a home, making it cozy, cool, or relaxed at the touch of a button. Furthermore, Bliss Lighting Co. can work with you to make this technology fully automated. No more thinking will be needed, as the lights will work off of the time of day and the position of the Sun. 

Summer is all about relaxing, and this setup can revolutionize the way your clients view their sanctuaries. Contact us today to get started. Your clients will thank you!