Your stairwell is, without a doubt, one of the most important pieces to get right in your space.  Regardless if it’s at home, in an office, or elsewhere, the stairwell can be a remarkable centerpiece to your space.  Lighting your stairwell is also a very important design decision.  Finding the right look and function to fit your needs is precisely what we do here at Bliss.     Lighting your stairwell does not employ a one-size fits all approach.  Your space is unique, but many lighting principles remain unchanged.  


There are two main questions to ask when deciding on lighting elements for your stairwell.  


Where will the lights go?

Depending on your space and whether the stairwell is in or out of doors, lighting elements can go pretty much anywhere.  The first and most basic function of stairwell lighting is to provide safe lighting for traversing one level to the next without injury.  Accomplishing this is easy, but doing it with style and taste requires a bit more effort and finesse.  When deciding where the lights will go, ask yourself if there are any elements you want to highlight.  This will determine whether or not you want the lighting to be an ambient, task, or accent feature.  


The second question you need to ask:

Which lights to use?

There is a myriad of affordable and eco-friendly lighting options on the market.  LED options are by far the most customizable and attractive for both looks and the wallet, having mostly phased-out incandescent lighting.  You can also opt for smart lights which offer you ultimate customizability.  


We at Bliss would love to hear from you!  Whether you’re looking for a new statement lighting piece for your home or want to learn more about the world of lighting, chat with our team today to learn more!