Spring is a time of warmth, renewal, and energy.  Lighting your home to reflect the newly thawed light of spring is an excellent way to usher in the new season and ensure your home is thoughtfully and intentionally put together.  


More and more we see a rise in homeowners feeling the desire to add bold and unique lighting pieces to their homes.  One of our partners, DMF Lighting, excels in bringing bold new perspectives coupled with timeless design elements.  A recent project of theirs, dubbed “The Treehouse”, perfectly showcases elements that emphasize the warmth and approachability of spring.  From recessed lighting ensconcing the master bed in an alluring glow, to intentionally placed, modular units throughout the home.  


Furthermore, what better way is there to usher in spring than with a renewed outdoor illumination experience?  Our partners at Eurofase are experts in outdoor lighting that creates a welcoming and approachable atmosphere for everything from dinner parties to late-night sips in your favorite outdoor lounge chair.  With an emphasis on quality and comfort, many of their outdoor lighting fixtures create warm pools of inviting light while being built sturdily to handle whatever the next season brings.


We at Bliss are so excited for Spring 2023 and would love to work with you on your next lighting project.  Whether you are undertaking a full home renovation, redoing a kitchen, or trying to pick out a new lamp for the living room, chat with our team of design experts today!