Indoor lighting and your home’s selling value are hugely important factors to consider when getting your home seller-ready. Lighting is one of the staples of a beautiful home. Not only does the lighting in your home affect your home’s décor, but did you know custom home lighting can affect your home’s selling power? The housing market is ever-evolving and can sometimes be overwhelming. Here at Bliss Lighting, we know builders, designers, architects, sellers, and most importantly: buyers. Understanding the housing market doesn’t have to be a chore! Remembering a few important details can help you bring the true value of your home to light.


Inside Out


Illuminating your home from the inside out is one way to make sure your home stands out from the rest. Bliss Lighting Co. and our partners like Cloud 9 understand the necessity that is creating a space that’s unique to you and your family. When it comes to selling, it’s important to keep in mind the balance between your indoor lighting and the exterior lights. Exterior flood lights, path lights, or motion sensor lights are beautiful ways to showcase the outside of your home and landscaping, but they could be overshadowing the glow of your interior lighting system at night. Seeing a home illuminated from the inside out is a surefire way to increase the selling value. 


Seller-Ready Indoors


When it comes to the housing market, it is vital to understand the perks that buyers are looking for. No matter your décor style, the lighting that you choose for your home can make a big difference! Whether you’re adding functional art like lighting sculptures or hidden under cabinet lights throughout the kitchen, these are all added bonuses that potential buyers are sure to notice. We can’t forget about the convenience of automated lighting either, as featured here by our partner Ketra. Having remote access to all of your indoor and outdoor lighting is a huge perk that buyers will be grateful for!


Indoor Oasis


Creating a welcoming indoor space is less complicated than it may seem. With Bliss Lighting Co. and our experienced partners, we are able to get your home looking brand new for potential buyers. Lighting makes a difference in the luxurious feel of your home, and indoor lighting is one of the best ways to highlight all of the features that you want to show off to potential buyers. Curating the perfectly welcoming indoor oasis will not only highlight your home’s unique beauty, but inspire potential buyers to see all of the ways this home could be their perfect place. 

We hope this showed you how indoor lighting and your home’s selling value are intertwined. 

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